AYLUX | Manual washing powder

Manual washing powder

AYLUX Hand Washing Machine has a great stain removal effect in a single wash, so you can enjoy the perfect cleanness, appearance, texture and fragrance.

This powder is designed for use with a hand washing machine, an indispensable product in any laundry room. It is the ideal solution for you whether you want to remove a hard spot or just remove the effects of daily dirt. Your faithful companion always gives you a cleaner that will never let you down. The name of AYLUX has always been associated with cleanliness!

Available in the following sizes: 80 g - 165g - 300 g - 600 g - 3.5 kg - 9 kg

Excellent removal of stains in one wash.
Grease removal technology.
The cleanliness is impeccable for white and colorful clothes
Provides a refreshing scent.
You can wash at a low temperature as high as 30 ° C.